Becoming a Member | First Baptist Church Ferriday

Becoming a Member

How do I become a member of FBC Ferriday?

Any person who desires membership in our church may request membership during any worship service in which an invitation is offered. Following the request, an application for membership is to be completed signifying membership in FBC Ferriday. A member can be permitted to join in the following ways.

  • Public confession of Jesus Christ as Lord followed by baptism.
  • Transfer of a letter from a like-minded Southern Baptist Church.
  • Your public statement of faith (in Jesus Christ) and testimony of baptism by immersion that followed your confession.
  • Baptism. This is for anyone who has previously accepted Christ as their Savior and Lord, but was not baptized by immersion following their confession.

If you have questions concerning membership at FBC Ferriday, feel free to join one of our upcoming New Member Classes. This will provide you with pertinent information about what church membership includes and will also provide you with an opportunity to ask questions regarding membership at FBC Ferriday.